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March 21, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 2

Blogging Challenge
Freedom Of Choice

I like MW3 because.... 
I like MW3 because it has amazing graphics and has every little detail for a real life experience. It has other people you can play with in Multilayer and play with girls and guys all of the planet.I have an like 3 main accounts on ps3 like blackop990,plasmaT-URTLE,and main one is V3NOM3_iiiMoAb. I play all the time and I am fun to play with. I just like all of the guns and perks inside of the game and how all of them work and the especially camouflage.

I like Black Ops 2 because....
I like Black ops 2 because it has probably the best maps on any Call Of Duty game out there. I also like it because of the camouflage because they're probably the coolest out of all Call Of Duty games.I like it because it lets you have more spots for your emblem and mw3 won't even let you make anything.

Thanks for reading my Blogging Challenge #2  

March 20, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge 

Challenge 1- Who I Am

Ten People I would like to Meet


1.  Ben Rothlesberger- Are you nervous when your on the Football Field??

2. Rob Dyrdek- When did you start skateboarding??

3. Johnny Depp- Do you like acting with other famous people??

4. Ricky Carmichael- How did you get into the X-Games every year??

5. Denard Robinson- Why don't you tie your shoes in football?? 

6.Ray Lewis- How much can you bench??

7. Lil Wayne-Can you teach me how to rap?? 

8.Tyga- How much money do you make a year?? 

9. Vin Diesel-Can you really drift like you do in the movies??

10.Ed Sheeran-Can me and you play guitar together??