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March 20, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge 

Challenge 1- Who I Am

Ten People I would like to Meet


1.  Ben Rothlesberger- Are you nervous when your on the Football Field??

2. Rob Dyrdek- When did you start skateboarding??

3. Johnny Depp- Do you like acting with other famous people??

4. Ricky Carmichael- How did you get into the X-Games every year??

5. Denard Robinson- Why don't you tie your shoes in football?? 

6.Ray Lewis- How much can you bench??

7. Lil Wayne-Can you teach me how to rap?? 

8.Tyga- How much money do you make a year?? 

9. Vin Diesel-Can you really drift like you do in the movies??

10.Ed Sheeran-Can me and you play guitar together??

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