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April 4, 2013

Challenge 4 Blogging Challenge:10 Pictures

(1) This is a 6 string guitar...This is also my Guitar.I love guitar so much because they just make a great sound when they are played right. Also because it's relaxing to listen to when your stressed out and sad.
(2) This is a 4 string guitar with it's golden neck...Also know as a bass guitar,they are easier to play is what I think and have not as good as sound as an Acoustic Guitar.


(3)All three of these Guitars are Electric the last one "yellow"  has "12" strings.But they're all the same brand.The middle guitar is the best sound out of all of them because of the neck and how there's certain holes on the guitar.

(4)But see here Les Paul has the best guitar creations in the world. No other guitar company can do what Les Paul does...It's a proven fact.


(5) See here is another great guitar creation by Les Paul it is a working guitar but it lights up every time you tune your guitar it turns green when its the right cord.

(6)This is Les Paul's most famous guitar and expensive guitar ever.

(7)Les Paul even makes guitars for guitar hero just like his.



(8)These are all of normal creations from Les Paul...He makes many more but the guitars he makes lots of guitars from Banjos to Exotic Electric Guitars.


(9)Here is another famous probably the most famous...Jimi Hendrix 

My whole point of tell you all this is because I was trying to express MUSIC!!


April 3, 2013

Blogging Challenge 3:10 Future Jobs

1.My dream is to be a Professional guitar player like John Mayer.
2.My second best choice would be a Motocross Dirt bike Rider
3.I would maybe want to be a NFL player and play for the Steelers.
4.I would kind of like to be a Monster Truck Driver.
5.I would like to be a FBI agent if I could and work at Area 51.
6.I would maybe decide to become a teacher.
7.I would like to work for a hospital.
8.I would like to be an Animal Veterinarian.
9.I would love to be a Doctor and get paid $$$.
10.My last one would to be a Game tester and try games from all over the world.