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October 21, 2013

National Writing Day

I think The Picture Is a Fire Whirl. I think this because it have a little hole at the top which lets the gas out. Also because at the very top of the photo it has a Capsule to catch all of the gas that comes out when the Fire Whirl is Burning.The side of the building is all metal so that means it traps the heat from getting out too much.I think it's something about forest fires and an example of how it starts.

October 14, 2013



I took a quiz on Wonder Of The Day website and got a 100% on it!! :D I found out that Venus is the hottest planet and not Mercury!! Isn't that crazy?? It's a great site to find about weird things! Visit this site and get a good score like me!!

October 3, 2013

Society Affects Adult Hood???

 Society's expectations for boys as they grow into adulthood is supposed to be A Leader and Mature. For example in the novel "The Lord Of The Flies" Ralph is trying to keep everyone alive and not wasting any time about surviving. The Society now a days doesn't want a bad boy that steals and vandalizes stuff... You never know they could want a Strong Blonde Haired Man that is also Respectful,Mature,and a Leader. Again, in the Novel "The Lord Of The Flies" Jack is the oldest and he is Tall and Skinny and is a leader but Ralph was voted the leader over him.What I'm trying to point out is that society affects the Adulthood of Young men.