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November 11, 2013

Peer Pressure Story

  Pure Pressure Story 


There was a time when I was with my brother and his friends at my old blue house and they all were swimming in our 15 ft pool... They were all having fun and I was just sitting on the side watching. I was really sad that I couldn't swim with him and all of his friends. I felt left out and was thinking about going inside because I was so bored. I was just that lonely bystander watching everyone else have fun. So I decided to pretend to walk inside so my brother would talk to me. It just so happened it worked just as I planned... Some things didn't go so well though.

But then my brother said "Branden why are you going inside?"

I said "Cause you and your friends are not letting me swim!"

His friends all butted in and said "if you jump off the diving board without floaters, you can swim with us."

I didn't want to do this but I really wanted to swim.. It didn't turn out very well.
So I decided to do it.I got on the diving board and looked down at all of them staring at me and I just couldn't do it. I was so scared about if I would've drowned or possibly died.

I was on the diving board while my brother and his friends were all in the pool saying and yelling "Jump off the Board" and "Hurry up you little baby"!

I didn't know what to do. So I just ran and jumped... I was never so scared in my life. I was in the air for about 5 seconds and I was just thinking if I would die or not. So I reached the water I couldn't come up... So my brother and all of his friends swam as fast as they could to me cause i was underwater for over 10 seconds! My dad came outside and got me out of the pool as fast as he could to try and save me. My brothers friend "Austin" got to me first since he was the closest to me. Everyone there was so scared and shocked that I didn't die when that happened! I was even shocked that I didn't die. I then got up and jumped in the shallow end and all of my brothers friends were surrounding me worried about me. The good part about this was that I got to swim with my brothers friends after that! I was so happy that I got to swim with them instead of being a by stander.

The lesson of this story is don't be a bystander and not ask if you can do something with who ever you are with. Go take part in whatever you want and don't be scared to do it. If you have fears about doing it, Over come those fears while your doing it. I did and I got what I wanted when I did it.


What do you think could happen if you took a stand and did what you were afraid of? Do you think you would be happier about your self? If you have answers to these questions Google Doc me a story or a short paragraph about what happened and how it happened. I really want to hear from you. I want us to connect and find similarities about each other.