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December 12, 2013

The Holocaust

∞ The thing that shocked me in the Articles we've read the past few days is that 1/4 of the deaths were children. This made me cry because I couldn't handle how many kids the Nazis killed and why they would kill kids and NEWBORNS!! Right when the mother had the baby the Nazi soldiers would kill the baby. If you were a Nazi soldier could you handle killing as many people as they did?? Answer in the comments below! ∞

December 5, 2013

Amazing "KID"

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Hoops for Hope is an organization made by a 17 year old named Austin Gutwein that helps kids in Africa suffering to AIDS. The reason he made this organization is because Austin Gutwein watched a video that showed children who had lost their parents to AIDS. This Organization is a Shoot-A-Thon and the worlds biggest Shoot-A-Thon in the WORLD! After watching the video, he realized these kids weren’t any different from him except they were suffering. Every 14 Seconds a child in Africa gets orphaned with AIDS or witness their parents die from AIDS/HIV. Each day over 6,000 kids join the 15 million children world wide who have already lost either one or both of their parents to either AIDS/HIV! The effects of this program are that Hoops For Hope make over $1 Million Dollars a year and so far they've made over $1 Billion Dollars! Please visit this website and Donate like I did. Help a child in Africa and save his/her family.