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December 5, 2013

Amazing "KID"

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Hoops for Hope is an organization made by a 17 year old named Austin Gutwein that helps kids in Africa suffering to AIDS. The reason he made this organization is because Austin Gutwein watched a video that showed children who had lost their parents to AIDS. This Organization is a Shoot-A-Thon and the worlds biggest Shoot-A-Thon in the WORLD! After watching the video, he realized these kids weren’t any different from him except they were suffering. Every 14 Seconds a child in Africa gets orphaned with AIDS or witness their parents die from AIDS/HIV. Each day over 6,000 kids join the 15 million children world wide who have already lost either one or both of their parents to either AIDS/HIV! The effects of this program are that Hoops For Hope make over $1 Million Dollars a year and so far they've made over $1 Billion Dollars! Please visit this website and Donate like I did. Help a child in Africa and save his/her family.

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