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August 25, 2014

First Week of High School!

My first week was pretty cool because my First hour is a pretty cool class because my Teacher is a really cool teacher! Also her TA (Teacher Assistant) is a really funny guy. I learned in the first week that it is OK to fail because then your making your brain even bigger every time you fail! I think High School is awesome to be honest! It's not like the movies were everyone gets picked on and stuff like that. So yah umm I have had a pretty good first week!

August 18, 2014

Things about me!

What was something good from your summer?
I stayed the night at Cedar Point for 2 days!List your 3 favorite movies.
HomeRun, TED, and Scary Movie 5List your 2 favorites singers/bands
Wiz Khalifa, and Collie BuddzList your favorite candy.
Sour Patch Kids! 

April 28, 2014

Blogging Challenge 5- Tech Trek

Graphic Design!
I like Graphic Design because it challenges me to do new things! I also like it because I get to make really cool pictures 2D and 3D!

Graphic Design

April 14, 2014

Blogging Challenge 4

Whats all The Blogging About?
Acoustic Guitar

I chose to write about Acoustic Guitars because I love Acoustic Guitars and they take me to another world. I've played guitar for about 9 1/2 months. I've learned about 3 songs in the time period and am in the middle of learning one right now. Acoustic Guitar sounds so calm and Peaceful. It makes me just want to keep playing non-stop but I get tired and fall asleep. I watch tutorials and buy my own things in need for the guitar. I keep building my experience by playing it all day everyday and doing whatever it takes to get better.

The Name of the Blog is "All Things Acoustic Guitar Blog". The author is Unknown of this blog. The Publish Date is also unknown. The Title of this post is "Helping You with Guitars!" This website is helping you find a give advice for starters and experts. It helps me because I'm a beginner and need help. I hope this website will help anyone else who is just starting playing guitar.Electric Guitars are for more developed Guitar Players and Acoustic are for more of a beginner Guitar Player.


March 21, 2014

The Football Story

I knew I could win if...

    I knew I could win if coach wouldn’t have put our 3rd string Running Back in to play on our brand new fresh green field to start out our season! We were only winning by 12 points and our whole team didn’t want to waste losing our first game on our Home Field! Our first play we did with him in was Black Mamba 22 which is just a handoff to the Left side. The entire sidelines was shocked we we ran the play with him in he ran through not 2 but 3 guys in that play! Even though that play was designed to be our Bread and Butter play he ran it pretty well for a 3rd String… But when the play was over our team heard a very loud scream that came from the field and our team knew exactly what happened…

    Our whole team rushed over to him and then we saw it. Someone on the other team had stepped on his ankle on purpose. It was gushing blood and we could see the bone… Our coach ran to get the EMT’s as fast as he could and our third string said “Win The Game!” He wasn’t crying or anything when he said that…  We later found out that he wasn’t wearing knee pads. Our coach usually checks our knee pads before we play but this game he didn’t for some odd reason. Our safety is our team’s top priority!

After we finished the season 19-1, we went to the Championship and won for our Running Back! This story with be continued…

March 17, 2014

Challenge 1 - Writing Side Ways

1.  How you came up with the name for your first pet- I came up with the name of my first pet "JC" because of the WWE Wrestler John Cena. Me and my Mom would always watch it on Monday Nights. One night my dad brought home a dog and we had to choose a name for it... So my Mom and I said JC and everyone went with it. 

8.  What makes you the happiest - What makes me the happiest is making people smile and a girl! I love the feeling when I make someone smile and know they're happy because of me! The girl makes me happy because when I am with her it's like no one is around but me and her. I also make her smile which makes me feel extremely good about myself.

15. Your biggest weakness - My biggest weakness is seeing girls cry. If I ever see a girl cry I always drop everything and see if she's OK and if I can do anything. If I don't know the girl I do it anyways. I don't like when girls cry cause it honestly wants to make me cry.

Challenge 2 - Read Across America

March 7, 2014


Do Video Games Contribute With Teen Violence?
Branden Wager

About 90 percent of U.S. kids ages 8 to 16 play video games, and they spend about 13 hours a week doing so (more if you're a boy). Kids in both the U.S. and Japan who reported playing lots of violent video games had more aggressive behavior months later than their peers who did not. Video Games “DO” make teens more violent!

The young men who opened fire at Columbine High School, at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, and in other massacres had this in common: they were video gamers who seemed to be acting out some dark digital fantasy. It was as if all that exposure to computerized violence gave them the idea to go on a rampage or at least fueled their urges. The issue is especially relevant today, because the games are more realistic and bloodier than ever, and because most boys play them at some point. In a report published last summer, psychologists at Brock University in Ontario found that longer periods of violent video game playing among high school students predicted a slightly higher number of such incidents over time. In Conclusion, video gamers that are more violent and take the games seriously will most likely be the ones who commit a crime.

A new study from Canada's Brock University has found that playing violent video games for significant lengths of time can hold back the "moral maturity" of teenagers.  Blowing off heads and emptying magazines into snarling hell beasts might be one of teenagers biggest virtual pastimes, but researchers believe that too much violence in video games.  Spending too much time within the virtual world of violence may prevent gamers from getting involved in different positive social experiences in real life, and in developing a positive sense of what is right and wrong.  Exposure to violence in video games may influence the development of moral reasoning because violence is not only presented as acceptable but is also rewarded to the gamer. In Conclusion, the moral maturity in teenagers is not fully developing because of Violent Video Games.

Every time you play a violent video game, you change. You keep talking about and don't stop. At school your education grades will fall because you keep wanting to play it and don't bother paying attention. The graphics are so real that it seems you are there and holding the remote like a real gun. Also you get points when you kill a person on COD and then you might want to get real life points. You get so much into the game that you want to play it so much to you will do anything to try and shoot a real gun. A boy from California San Diego Middle school said “I am 18 I have been playing call of duty for 10 years and I am in the honor roll in my school. I have won 3 spelling bees and have been MVP on my soccer team for 2 months straight.” In Conclusion, every time you play a violent video game you develop some other kind of personality and you turn into a completely different person!

My claim is that video games do affect kids behavior in violence. Gamers that are more violent and take the games seriously will most likely be the ones who commit a crime. The Moral Maturity in Teenagers is not fully developing because of Violent Video Games. Every time you play a violent video game you develop some other kind of personality and you turn into a completely different person! In conclusion, based on the evidence presented, teens and children do become violent because of violent games.

January 30, 2014

January Smackdown Reflection

The name of the book I read was named "Night Runner" and written by Max Turner. What inspired me through the book was that do what people tell you if they get shot and come back to life! The book was confusing because it was going all over the place in one chapter and then stopped in another. I loved the constant action in the book and the suspense that happened in the story. I'm still wondering about how the boy got infected with the Sun disease? I recommend this book to anyone who loves fast moving and crazy conflicts! I will read this particular genre again because I really like action and Mystery. The school wide twitter chat was absolutely crazy in a good way and was a really good way of connecting with other people about different books!

January 10, 2014

Am I A Genius?

    No, I am not a genius because I don't get all straight A's in all of my classes and I don't dress nerdy.

    Someone becomes a genius by studying all day and night in different types of learning that schools don't teach at our grade level.Some Characteristics of a genius are dressing nerdy,glasses,old shoes,and not very social.Math, because I want to fly jets for a living and do air shows so I would need to be a genius for Aerodynamics.Study Math a lot and have more math tutors and try not to jerk around as much when I'm in math.