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January 30, 2014

January Smackdown Reflection

The name of the book I read was named "Night Runner" and written by Max Turner. What inspired me through the book was that do what people tell you if they get shot and come back to life! The book was confusing because it was going all over the place in one chapter and then stopped in another. I loved the constant action in the book and the suspense that happened in the story. I'm still wondering about how the boy got infected with the Sun disease? I recommend this book to anyone who loves fast moving and crazy conflicts! I will read this particular genre again because I really like action and Mystery. The school wide twitter chat was absolutely crazy in a good way and was a really good way of connecting with other people about different books!

January 10, 2014

Am I A Genius?

    No, I am not a genius because I don't get all straight A's in all of my classes and I don't dress nerdy.

    Someone becomes a genius by studying all day and night in different types of learning that schools don't teach at our grade level.Some Characteristics of a genius are dressing nerdy,glasses,old shoes,and not very social.Math, because I want to fly jets for a living and do air shows so I would need to be a genius for Aerodynamics.Study Math a lot and have more math tutors and try not to jerk around as much when I'm in math.