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March 17, 2014

Challenge 1 - Writing Side Ways

1.  How you came up with the name for your first pet- I came up with the name of my first pet "JC" because of the WWE Wrestler John Cena. Me and my Mom would always watch it on Monday Nights. One night my dad brought home a dog and we had to choose a name for it... So my Mom and I said JC and everyone went with it. 

8.  What makes you the happiest - What makes me the happiest is making people smile and a girl! I love the feeling when I make someone smile and know they're happy because of me! The girl makes me happy because when I am with her it's like no one is around but me and her. I also make her smile which makes me feel extremely good about myself.

15. Your biggest weakness - My biggest weakness is seeing girls cry. If I ever see a girl cry I always drop everything and see if she's OK and if I can do anything. If I don't know the girl I do it anyways. I don't like when girls cry cause it honestly wants to make me cry.

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