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August 25, 2014

First Week of High School!

My first week was pretty cool because my First hour is a pretty cool class because my Teacher is a really cool teacher! Also her TA (Teacher Assistant) is a really funny guy. I learned in the first week that it is OK to fail because then your making your brain even bigger every time you fail! I think High School is awesome to be honest! It's not like the movies were everyone gets picked on and stuff like that. So yah umm I have had a pretty good first week!

August 18, 2014

Things about me!

What was something good from your summer?
I stayed the night at Cedar Point for 2 days!List your 3 favorite movies.
HomeRun, TED, and Scary Movie 5List your 2 favorites singers/bands
Wiz Khalifa, and Collie BuddzList your favorite candy.
Sour Patch Kids!