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Genius Hour

Today I learned and watched people make GFX and use Photoshop. I need the Photoshop app to do my project... So if anyone could donate me a code or the full app that would be amazing!! I have been trying to get Photo Shop for at least a year and a half and can't find it.. I know it's expensive, but I could really use it!

Finding More Things
I found more You Tube Templates that make it look better. I can make things look way better and cleaner.
I found a website to make part 3D drawings but mostly typing. It was extremely hard to find and not to bad to make. Click Here to go to the website. All you have to do is sign up and then create anything. I only did YouTube Banners. 
Planning and Creating Reflection
Today I learned that it is not easy finding a 3D graphical website. I'm still looking but I have an idea of tweeting out to other graphic designers and see if they can help me... I am trying extremely hard to find a website but can't find one. I'm thinking of creating a You Tube channel when I find out how to make 3D Graphics.

What would your goal be?  
Draw cool pictures in like 3D
How would you get there?
Help and Concentration   
Would you need any help?  
How can you work on this every week?  
Concentrate and Practice
What would your 20% Time (Genius Hour) look like in class
Everyone drawing and practicing.

       My Genius Project was all about GFX... Or also Known as Graphics or Graphic Design. I liked how when I was uploading and showing people i didn't even know my products and how much good feedback I got. I learned how to work the program and how to connect with new people. 
        Is it possible to do Graphic Design and still get good grades in school? Yes it is very easy because if you have nice teachers they will usually let you have free time or something similar to that! I've only been using Photo Shop Cs6 for about a month and a half and I've made almost 50 Logos/Graphics! If you want to look at my logos and or everything I've made go to my Gaming/Graphics blog!! It was an extremely fun experience to do GFX because I met a lot of really cool and fun people.

        Does it matter if you don't have Photo Shop Cs6? Yes. Because you need Photo Shop Cs6 to make logos and or GFX! You could have another program like Cinema 4D that could be used to! But Photo Shop I think is the best program to make logos! What could happen if you don't have either one? Well I started out just making You Tube Banners off of THIS SITE and eventually saved up my money for Photo Shop. 
         Is it right to crack or get Photo Shop or Cinema 4D for free? Yeah. If you really want to start doing GFX I would recommend it for sure! I myself and trying to get Sony Vegas 12 for free. But then again its illegal and bad. But if you need it extremely bad then yah do it! 
         How might it effect you is your using a school computer and you get everything on it like me? It will effect you by wasting your money because usually you don't get the computer you bought photoshop on and someone else pretty much has your money. What if we say you bought Photoshop cs6 and CInema 4D and you bought them with your own money and your friend cancelled the installation.. You would get mad and sad most likely. Thats what it feels like with school computers!
        I wonder if you could ask your principal if you could take the computer you bought everything on take home during the summer! Since the school owns the computer and has you sign an agreement they will most likely say no! If you get to take it home the reason is, that either your parents talk to the school or the teachers just really like you!! I noticed in Photoshop that it takes a couple days or so to learn how to make more advanced things! 

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