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My Goals

I accomplished getting into an extremely good clan with over 2.6k subs on YouTube and had a lot of fun on the way. I helped alot of people in my school which made me feel good about myself and will always keep a good feeling in me! While on the way of getting into the clan I got myself an intro! 
I was not successful by getting sponsored by a gaming company but I did get into a Gaming clan"SonG" that is sponsored! We have a Recruitment out right now so if you want to join add me "SonG_MonsteR"! 
Short Term Goals
Get recruited by a more successful clan!
Long Term Goals
Stay gaming for my life! <3
My Goals
My One Special Thing Is...
 That I am a very good ps3 gamer and hoping to get sponsored by a gaming company.
My Short Term Goals
  •  Get at least a B+ average in all of my classes.
  • Make it into the worlds best gaming clan (Ps3).
  • Get a job that I could get some good money.
 My Long Term Goals
  •   Go to College and get a BA Degree is Graphic Design.
  • Have a good job to pay for my family and have extra money.
  • Have at least 2 kids.

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  1. Nice I like your goals they are some goals that could be accomplished someday.Just believe in your self.Head over to my blog and we might have something in common.