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SmackDown Inspiration

Treasure Island
Robert Louis Stevenson
Historical Fiction
Page 27
  There is a little boy who is looking for his long lost grandpa and can't seem to find him. The boy tries everything he can to find him and finally found him... But the website he found him on said he was deceased. In other words it said he had died in a ship wreck out at sea. The boy didn't believe it so he finally went out on his adventure to find his grandpa.
Twitter Chat 1/16
 The World wide Twitter chat was very communicative. Also everyone learned something about a new book and what it's about.
"Night Runner"
Max Turner 
1.21.13 Page 27
What surprised me about this section of the book was that the boy had many allergies and a disease. He couldn't eat certain foods, he had to eat his foods as liquids. What was weird about this story was that all that has happened so far, hasn't woken anyone up in the building. The nurse the boy had has mystically disappeared after all of this happened.
  1.14.14 Page 15
What surprised me about this story is that the old man got shot several times and died but came back to life as healthy as a horse. What also surprised me was that the cops weren't even that cautious about the old man when his eyes turned a gradient reddish orange. What I thought was cool was that the old man came out of the ambulance and jumped a whole cop car in one leap.
   1.13.14 Page 7 
What I'm wondering is why an Old Man was driving at the middle of the night and why he wrecked into the building? What confused me is that the main character doesn't go out to the main world and has hid best friend Charlie do everything on the outside world.

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