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   Two Days ago me and my group made a game about cyber bullying and I found out many things about it... I found out that over 3/4 of the US teen population have either been "Physical" or "Cyber" bullied. That is almost every kid in America.. The 1/4 of that are the people who bully that 3/4 of the Teen Population. Another fact I found out about this is that 1/5 of the US tell they're parents about Bullying.

    What if you were getting bullied or Cyber Bullied? What would you do and how would you do about it? Leave a comment or even Google Doc me about it... I will try to help you in any way I can.. If not I will tell my teacher and she/he could probably could help you connect with people and your teachers and family. I have been bullied many times and I tell my Dad and Mom and they take care of it. It's simple all you do is "STOP" "BLOCK" "TELL"! Thank You for reading and taking our quiz... Don't forget to Google Doc me if you need help or someone to talk to!


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